Matters for which provisions may be made in the scheme




  1. Registration of Non-Resident Keralites’ in the Fund
  2. The time and manner in which contribution shall be made to the Fund by Non-Resident Keralities’ and repatriates, the amount of contribution to be paid under section 4 and the manner in which it may be recovered and deposited in the Fund.
  3. The constitution of many committee for assisting the Board, headquarters of the Board, Traveling Allowance, Daily Allowance and sitting Fee of the Chairperson and the Directors.
  4. The manner in which accounts shall be kept, the investment of moneys belonging to the Fund in accordance with any direction issued or conditions specified by the Government, the preparation of Budget, the audit of accounts and the submission of reports to Government etc.
  5. The conditions under which withdrawals from the Fund may be permitted, any deduction or forfeiture may be made and the maximum amount of such deduction or forfeiture.
  6. The form in which a member shall furnish particulars about himself and his family,
  7. The nomination of a person to receive any family pension or other benefit of a member on his death and the procedure for the cancellation or variation of such nomination.
  8. The registers and records to be maintained with respect to members.
  9. The form or design of nay identity card for the purpose of identifying may member of the Fund and for issuance, custody and replacement thereof.
  10. The fee to be levied for any of the purposes specified in the Act
  11. The further powers, if any, which may be exercised by the officers appointed under this Act.
  12. The utilization of Fund for any matter of Welfare of the Non-Resident Keralites or their dependants.
  13. The manner in which the sums transferred under section 28 are to be credited to the Fund
  14. The procedure for defraying the expenditure incurred in the administration of the Fund.
  15. The procedure for paying pension, family pension, grants, other benefits or loans and advances from the Fund.
  16. Any other matter which is to be provided for in the Scheme or which many be necessary or proper for the purpose of implementing the Scheme.
  17. The manner and the procedure for the constitution of Companies, Societies, Co-operative Societies and other institutions by the Board for the benefit of the Non-Resident Keralites.
  18. The purpose for which and the manner in which temporary association of persons may be made.
  19. The Constitution of Special Aid Fund, the benefits to be given from the said Fund, the manner to keep the accounts, administration, procedures for providing aid from
  20. The matters specified in sub-section (4) of section 3.